‘Hap-pea Birthday Mendel’ artwork competition

Lily, 14 years

We are really pleased to announce the winner of our ‘Hap-pea Birthday Mendel’ artwork competition: Lily McKiernan (14yo) from Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School .

A quote from Lily:

I can’t believe I have won this prize. I found it really interesting to read about Mendel and his work and I am looking forward to learning more about inheritance in GCSE Biology. I love art and this was a great way to combine my interest in biology and art. I wanted to work in green as it reminded me of the peas that Mendel worked on for many years.

A quote from School:

We are thrilled that Lily has been awarded this prize. We are always looking to integrate secondary science education with professional scientific bodies and organisations, and this was also an excellent opportunity to enhance our cross-curricular work. We can’t wait to display Lily’s work in your journal and purchase some DNA electrophoresis kits where we can give students a taste of DNA research techniques and further increase their science capital and knowledge of the world around them.

Lily will get £100 and will get £500 for science equipment.

You can see Lily’s and other submitted works here.