JBS Haldane Lecture

The JBS Haldane Lecture recognises an individual for outstanding ability to communicate topical subjects in genetics research, widely interpreted, to an interested lay audience.  This speaker will have a flair for conveying the relevance and excitement of recent advances in genetics in an informative and engaging way.  The annual open lecture will be delivered on a topic, and in a place, agreed with the Genetics Society.  In addition to delivering the Lecture, the recipient will receive an honorarium of £1000 and a three-year membership of the Society.

Nominations are now being invited for the 2024 JBS Haldane Lecture.  Nominees need not be members of the Society, but should be active researchers working in the UK.  To make a nomination, please confirm that your candidate is willing to be nominated, and then submit both a two-page CV, a list of their ten most important publications and a one-page letter of recommendation outlining why their contributions to the field have been outstanding. These documents must be submitted electronically to theteam@genetics.org.uk by Friday June 30th 2023.

Please note, the Genetics Society does not accept self-nominations.

JBS Haldane Lecturers

2022 Professor Mike Fay

2021 Professor Matthew Cobb

2020 Professor Jonathan Pettitt

2019 Dr Giles Yeo

2018 Professor Turi King

2017 Professor Enrico Coen

2016 Professor Aoife McLysaght

2015 Professor Alison Woollard

2014 Professor Armand Leroi

2013 Dr Mark Henderson