Committee Vacancies

Photograph: with kind permission, Becky Holland

Upon joining the committee, members become trustees of the Society (a registered charity) and have a legal duty to ensure the charitable aims and objectives outlined in our governing documents are carried out in compliance with the law (Charities Act 2011); see the Charity Governance Code for more information.

Appointees should hold a UK based academic or commercial geneticist position, and have sufficient organisational and time management skills to ensure their remit is fulfilled.  Applications should be sent to the Honorary Secretary Dr Kay Boulton, and be in the form of a letter of  introduction, stating reasons for wanting to take on this role, outlining any relevant experience and what you can offer The Society, plus a CV.   Closing dates for all posts is midnight Sunday 31st July.

Membership and Partnership Officer

    This is a new, demanding, voluntary position commencing 1st September 2022, until 31st December 2025. The role of the Membership and Partnership Officer is to ensure continuing growth of the Society membership, appointment of Ambassadors, oversee the membership services sub-contract, and communicate with the Society partners.  As such the Membership and Partnership Officer is responsible for:
    • Monitoring status and trends in Society recruitment and membership, and report to the Committee, with the assistance of the administrative Team;
    • Oversee the appointment of Society Ambassadors, including development and distribution of a Welcome Pack outlining the Ambassadorial role and all publicity materials required to ensure that they remain active agents of communication between the membership and the Committee; ensure Ambassador vacancies are communicated to the membership via advertisements on the website, in the newsletter and by email, and that Committee members are actively involved in recruitment, with assistance from the administrative Team;
    • Making recommendations to the committee regarding the renewal and updating of the membership services sub-contract;
    • Assisting in the Society’s work on behalf of its postgraduate student members;
    • Representing the Society on the board of management of the academic journals that it owns or part-owns, and overseeing the making recommendations to the Committee on any matter relevant to their protection and development;
    • Representing the Society on the governing or consultative councils of all external bodies it is affiliated to, in particular the Biosciences Federation;
    • As part of the executive committee you will be expected to attend four meetings per year.
    • Prior to the designated deadline, submit a detailed report for presentation at the forthcoming Committee meeting;
    • Assess grant applications as required.

Policy Officer

    This voluntary position commences 1st January 2023, until 31st December 2026. The executive committee role of the Policy Officer is to liaise with other societies, organisations, and government agencies and, via consultation with the Committee, present the views of The Society. The Policy Officer shall:
    • Attend four committee meetings/year;
    • Respond to requests for media statements in a factual and unbiased manner or identify experts from the membership who have given their consent to have their expertise sought to the Genetics Society to respond to media statements;
    • Work with The Team to develop and maintain an electronic list of Committee and Society members in defined strategic areas across genetics that may be called upon for specialist advice when required;
    • Attend meetings external to the Genetics Society to do the same e.g., parliamentary links day and other events associated with the RSB or other scientific body; liaise with the RSB and The Society membership and Committees around topical issues related to genetics and public policy, filtering and distributing RSB policy documents of relevance to the Genetics Society for consideration and response e.g. around publishing open access and similar;
    • Continue to develop, implement and update The Society equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) policy, ensuring it is adopted by all committee members and embedded throughout all Society documentation, forms and publicity materials, including The Society website and newsletter, and conditions for Genetics Society sponsored meetings and events (e.g. public engagement awards, and SIG, one-off, and scientific meetings).

Evolutionary, Ecological and Population Genetics

    This voluntary position commences 1st January 2023, until 31st December 2026. As an ordinary committee member you will be expected to attend two meetings a year. You will be involved in assessing the Heredity Fieldwork and Training grant applications (four deadlines each/year), and other grant applications where necessary.
    • Endeavour to ensure that the views and interests of those in the area of Evolutionary, Ecological and Population genetics are represented by bringing them to the attention of the Committee. Views should be ascertained through the Society’s Ambassadors, through relevant ad hoc groups or any other suitable mechanism;
    • Promote membership of The Society, and advise the Officer for Membership and Partnership on suitable persons to invite as Ambassadors;
    • Be prepared at the request of the Scientific Meetings Secretary to help organize scientific meetings, summer studentship workshops, or sessions therein, covering relevant specialist interests;
    • Support The Society’s scientific meetings by attending wherever possible and by encouraging others to do so, and be prepared to assess poster sessions and agree awards at these events;
    • Be prepared, at the request of the Newsletter Editor, to supply written commentaries on meetings, published papers, scientific issues and other matters relevant to their interests, for publication in the Newsletter, and proof read the same prior to publication deadlines;
    • At the request of the President, assist and support the younger/junior members of the executive committee, i.e. Postgraduate Student Representative, Newsletter Editor and Website Editor when required;
    • Nominate suitable candidates for Committee vacancies, Honorary membership and The Society’s awards;
    • When requested to do so by other Committee members or Honorary Officers, supply timely responses on matters where consultation with the full Committee or with a subset of its members is appropriate;
    • Assist the Policy Officer in maintaining the database of expertise and to identify suitable persons who can provide informed public comment on relevant issues.