Communicating Your Science

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Applications are now OPEN for 2022

Closing date midnight 14th February 2022.

Note: We will contact your supervisor for a reference using the email you have provided for them and also keep you updated by email on the progress of your application.

An important part of science is getting your results and ideas across to others, through papers, presentations, theses, grant proposals, conversations and interviews. Your audience may include specialists in the field, those from other disciplines, industry, or the general public.

How can you best communicate your science?

This workshop brings together experts in different fields – writers, broadcasters, publishers, industrialists, computer scientists, and presenters – to help you explore and develop your communication skills.

Working together with others on the course you will learn how to structure stories, bridge disciplines, simplify concepts and communicate effectively with a range of audiences. You will also get in-depth tutoring and practice in one of three streams: storytelling and public talks, developing hands-on demonstrations or multimedia (podcasts/Youtube).

The Genetics Society will cover travel (within the UK only), accommodation and meals for successful applicants.

Tutors will include :

Enrico Coen (Author and Professor of Genetics at the John Innes Centre, Norwich; Past president of The Genetics Society; Winner of the 2017 Genetics Society JBS Haldane Lecture )
Helen Keen (Award winning comedy writer and performer; author of the Radio 4 series, “It Is Rocket Science!”)
First Create the Media (Led by award-winning writer and broadcaster Kat Arney)
Alison Woollard (Presenter of the 2013 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and Lecturer at University of Oxford)
Giles Yeo ( TV presenter, Author, winner of the Genetics Society 2019 Haldane Lecture, and Lecturer at the University of Cambridge)

Jonathan Pettitt (Reader in Genetics, University of Aberdeen; Winner of the 2020 Genetics Society JBS Haldane Lecture)

Who can attend?

The course is open to PhD students and postdoctoral researchers working in genetics and related areas. 10 places are available for 2021.


Once you have logged in to the mySociety membership portal, please select “Me and the GS” followed by “Grants” from the options at the top of the page, and then choose the Communicate Your Science Workshop.

If you have any queries regarding the application process or are experiencing any difficulty with your submission, please contact

Please note that your application will need to be accompanied by a supporting letter from your supervisor and confirmation of their Genetics Society membership will be required.

Carer’s Award.  In recognition of carer’s responsibilities, an award of (up to) £60/day will be made available to enable members and selected speakers to attend Genetics Society scientific meetings and events.  Awardees can spend this money as they think will best support their attendance.  Applications can be made through the mysociety portal.

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Feedback from previous Workshops include:

This was one of the best workshops I have attended. I have learned a lot of new skills and it feels they all sank in without me having to refer back to any notes. In fact I can’t stop talking about it. The organisers were very friendly and approachable as well as knowledgeable. Chicheley Hall  is a beautiful venue and I think it really added something special to the whole experience.
Ozge Ozkaya

A fantastic workshop! Every session was stimulating and there was a wonderful atmosphere throughout the three days. Each task allowed us to push ourselves, be creative and really apply the principles we had learnt.  I only wish the workshop had been longer! I came away with great enthusiasm, having learnt so much and having met so many nice people.
Claire Bushell

A truly excellent course that I think all scientists should attend! It was a great opportunity to meet other aspiring scientists and to be inspired by amazing speakers. I thoroughly enjoyed it – one of the best courses I have been on. Thank you!
Lizzie Wood

What an absolutely wonderful experience! Apart from trying my hand at story telling,TV-­‐show-­‐writing and podcast-­‐making, I learned so much about these various Aspects of science communication. It has definitely opened my eyes to the opportunities out there, and I am more confident and eager to apply the skills I learned.
Stefanie Knappe

This workshop was a fun and thought-provoking experience, in a wonderful location. I genuinely enjoyed meeting and working with a mix of people, and taking the time to step back and think about my work in a different way. I would recommend to anyone who has even the slightest interest in developing their communication skills.
Nick Groves-Kirby