Genetics Society Medal

The Genetics Society Medal is an award that recognizes outstanding research contributions to genetics. The Medal recipient, who should still be active in research at the time the Medal is awarded, will be elected annually by the Committee on the basis of nominations made by any individual member of the Society. Those making nominations must be members of the Genetics Society, but there is no requirement for the nominee to be a member, nor any restriction on nationality or residence. Neither current members of the Committee nor those who have retired from office in the past four years may be nominated for the award. The recipient will be invited to deliver a lecture at a Genetics Society meeting, where the medal will be awarded, usually in the named year of their award, and receive Life Membership of The Genetics Society.

Nominations are now being invited for the 2024 Genetics Society Medal. To make a nomination, please confirm that your candidate is willing to be nominated, then forward a two-page CV of the candidate, together with a list of their ten most important publications, plus a one-page letter of recommendation outlining why you feel their contributions to the field have been outstanding. These documents must be submitted electronically to by Friday June 30th 2023.

Please note, the Genetics Society does not accept self-nominations.

Previous winners

2024    Prof Robert Martienssen
2023    Prof Douglas Higgs
2022    Prof Robin Lovell-Badge
2021    Prof David Sherratt
2020    Prof Sir Peter Donnelly
2019    Prof Deborah Charlesworth
2018    Prof Mike Bevan
2017    Prof Marisa Bartolomei
2016    Prof Ottoline Leyser
2015    Prof Alan Ashworth
2014    Prof Jonathan Flint
2013    Prof Robin Allshire
2012    Dr Stephen West
2011    Prof Jonathan Hodgkin
2010    Prof Laurence Hurst
2009    Prof Steven Brown FMedSci
2008    Prof Nick Hastie
2007    Prof Caroline Dean
2006    Prof Michael Ashburner
2005    Prof Phil Ingham
2004    Prof Peter Holland