Mendel Medal

The Mendel Medal is named after Gregor Mendel (1822-84), famous for his experiments on heredity in peas and founder of genetics as a scientific discipline. The Mendel Medal is awarded by the President of the Genetics Society, usually twice within the President’s term of office, to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to research in any field of genetics.

Previous winners

2023    Professor Dame Caroline Dean
2022    Professor Azim Surani and Professor Davor Solter
2021    Professor Dame Linda Partridge, FRS
2019    Professor William G Hill, FRS
2018    Professor Mary Claire King
2017    Professor Sir David C Baulcombe, FRS
2015    Professor John Doebley
2013    Professor Stanislas Leibler
2012    Professor Eric Lander
2010    Professor Susan Lindquist
2009   Professor Wen-Hsiung Li
2008   Professor M Meselson
2007   Professor H Robert Horvitz
2006   Professor Sir DJ Weatherall, FRS
2004   Professor Chris Somerville
2003   Dr Mary F Lyon, FRS
2002   Professor LL Cavalli-Sforza, FRS
2001    Professor LH Hartwell
2000   Dr JD Watson, FRS
1999    Professor E Wieschaus
1998    Professor Sir DA Hopwood, FRS
1998    Professor C Weissman, FRS
1997    Dr Elliott Meyerowitz
1994    Professor S Benzer, FRS
1992    Professor C Nüsslein-Volhard, FRS
1991    Dr I Herskowitz
1989   Professor P Slonimski
1987   Professor Sir AJ Jeffreys, FRS
1985   Professor J Maynard Smith, FRS
1984   Professor A Robertson, FRS
1981    Sir WF Bodmer, FRS
1979    Professor G Pontecorvo, FRS
1977    Professor C Auerbach, FRS
1974    Professor D Lewis, FRS
1972    Professor CD Darlington, FRS
1970    Dr S Brenner, FRS
1968    Professor M Delbrück
1966    Professor FHC Crick, FRS
1965    Professor W Hayes, FRS
1962    Professor F Jacob, FRS
1960    Professor CH Waddington, FRS
1958    Professor GW Beadle