Sponsored Podcasts

The podcast series sponsored by the Genetics Society.


The DNA& podcast is a discussion of all things relating to DNA& our health. With their signature light-hearted and clear style of communication, hosts Hannah & Angelos hope to engage non-experts in a discussion of genomic healthcare. The podcast can be played at:
Google Podcasts
Amazon Music
Sickle CellSickle Cell Unboxed is a podcast series funded by the Genetics Society UK. The series is produced and hosted by medical doctor and multimedia producer Dr Yemisi Bokinni, and is a public engagement initiative centred on creatively exploring life sciences themes.
Sickle CellGenetics Shambles is a podcast series co-developed by the Genetics Society with Cosmic Shambles. The series uses research surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic as a starting point before focusing on the wider wonders of the study of genetics.