2022 Communicating Your Science Workshop Gallery and Feedback

Following on from the very successful Science Communication Workshop, please find photographs, comments and feedback about the event below

More photos are available here

Tutors in 2022 included:

Helen Keen (Award winning comedy writer and performer; author of the Radio 4 series, “It Is Rocket Science!”)
First Create the Media (Led by award-winning writer and broadcaster Kat Arney)
Alison Woollard (Presenter of the 2013 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and Lecturer at University of Oxford)


Jonathan Pettitt (Reader in Genetics, University of Aberdeen; Winner of the 2020 Genetics Society JBS Haldane Lecture)

Feedback from the Workshop:

This was truly an AMAZING workshop, I have already recommended it to all the younger PhD students in my lab.  Science communication workshops are normally very repetitive and recycled, but this one was absolutely FULL of great content and tips.  I learnt so much and got insight into different tips and methods of communicating science that I have never thought of, despite considering myself highly involved in science communication prior to the workshop.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and all of the coaches were amazing.  I didn’t want it to end.  I could talk about how great it was for days 🙂
Olivia A Grant

I enjoyed myself and learned so much in such a short time. It was energising and engaging. Thank you!
1) a lot of fun!
2) It really built up my confidence that I can communicate science in a light hearted and intruiging way
Kerstin Stucky

Stand-Up Science was not as scary as I expected it to be, partly because of how enthusiastic and encouraging Helen was. It really helped to see the video example, without that I wouldn’t have known what I was aiming for. It was good to be given groups we could work with if we wanted but without any expectation to work in groups. I started by planning alone to have the space to think and ended up not turning to my group at all. It was nice to be able to go outside when preparing this (as well as the stories the previous day). Also, as a neurodivergent person, it was a confidence boost to have Helen mention that for herself and how it influenced the way she does stand-up e.g. eye-contact
Attendee of CYS 2022

I think the whole thing was great. I liked the content, the group size, and the pace of it. I can’t think of any way it needed improving. Thank you!
Attendee of CYS 2022

Fantastic workshop – fun as well as informative – and a great way to form enduring relationships with people in the field.
Michael Pointer

The workshop completely exceeded my expectations. The beautiful location, the relaxed atmosphere and the kindness of the instructors are an essential part to generate the necessary confidence throughout the practices. Thanks for this opportunity!
Sergio Villicana

I really enjoyed the workshop and thought it was so useful. I learned skills that I will use every time I communicate about science and my work. All of the presenters and the group as a whole were so lovely – it was a really friendly and warm place to experiment with new communication techniques, without being worried about things not going to plan.
Eilidh Fenner