7 June 2023 – DNA& podcast

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The DNA& podcast is a discussion of all things relating to DNA& our health. Listen to episode one now!

With their signature light-hearted and clear style of communication, hosts Hannah & Angelos hope to engage non-experts in a discussion of genomic healthcare. Season one will feature episodes on the UK’s newborn genome screening programme, pharmacogenomics, Covid-19, fertility, and gene therapy, with many more planned!

These episodes will discuss the translation of research into healthcare innovations, at a time when genomics is becoming increasingly visible to patients. The UK’s newborn genome screening program, for example, will offer whole-genome sequencing at birth. The DNA& team aims to engage audiences across multiple platforms, leading discussions from their perspective as scientists (recently shown by the Genetics Society to be perceived as the most trustworthy voices by the British public), together with guests.

DNA& is made possible by the UK Genetics Society, thanks to a public engagement grant and invaluable training as part of their communicating your science workshop.

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About the hosts

DNA& hosts

Hannah is a computational postdoc at Imperial College London. She ventures into the lab on occasion when her (brave) colleagues invite her to peer into a microscope. The rest of the time, she can be found talking to her computer in R/Python trying to interpret the mechanisms of disease risk variants. She is delighted to have a platform on which to talk about genetics, which she can do all day. Find her musing on Twitter @Hammaude or sharing stories on
Instagram/TikTok @dr.hammaude.

Angelos is a 2nd year PhD student in bioinformatics at Imperial College London and his work focuses on the application of machine learning models in understanding and predicting cardiometabolic disease. He believes that scientific research should always be accessible to non-scientists, and hopes that DNA& along with other science communication podcasts will set a platform for open discussions, ultimately making scientific research easier to understand and appreciate. Outside science, Angelos also enjoys photography, capturing moments with his film camera and uploading to Instagram under the alias @exo.lampsis.

Artwork by Nikos Kabasele @nikos.kabasele nicolas.kabasele@gmail.com

Music by Auburn Jam Music LTD @auburnjammusic www.auburnjam.co.uk

Photography by Yang Liu @yangtakesphotos yangtakesphotos@outlook.com