Balfour Lecture 2015 – Dr Ben Lehner

Professor Ben Lehner

Ben was born in Oxford, educated in Cambridge and is currently a senior group leader and ICREA/Axa Professor at the EMBL-CRG Systems Biology Program in Barcelona where he has been since 2006.  Prior to this he was a postdoc at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.   The main interest of his lab is in understanding the causes of phenotypic variation in individuals, including the distribution, effects and interactions of inherited genetic variation, somatic mutations and epigenetic (stochastic/environmental) sources of variance.

Some previous awards include the Eppendorf/Nature Prize for a young European investigator, the National Prize of Catalunya for a young investigator and the City of Barcelona Prize for Science. He is an EMBO YIP and is currently primarily funded by an ERC Consolidator grant.  He is also an associated investigator of the MRC-CSC at Imperial College.