UK Cilia Network

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General Information

Further details can be found on the UK Cilia network website.

The primary cilium was originally considered to be a vestigial organelle, but it has since been discovered that cilia are essential to transduce key signaling pathways. With this there has been a surge of research into this area with new groups springing up across the UK. The UK Cilia Network was established in 2016 to bring together those studying all aspects of cilia biology.

Previous meetings:
The 2018 UK Cilia Network Meeting was held in Oxford on the 23rd March 2018 with Phillippe Bastin (Institute Pasteur, Paris) presenting the keynote talk.  This meeting is possible thanks to the generous support of the Genetics Society, Bruker Microscopy, The J.W. Jenkinson Memorial Trust, and Proteintech.

The 2019 UK Cilia Network Meeting was held in Sheffield and was organised by Colin Bingle and Gwen Reilly

Meeting organisers:

Pleasantine Mill (MRC HGU), Toby Hurd (MRC HGU) and Andrew Jarman (CDBS)