Single cell transcriptomics: unlocking innovation in aquaculture research

salmon with abstract dividing cells
10:00-13:00 18 June, 2021 - 18 June, 2021



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General Information

This Webinar bring together researchers interested in using single cell transcriptomics for innovative applications supporting aquaculture.  The Webinar will include talks from expert speakers applying such approaches to understand the biology of societally important species, ranging from the state-of-the-art in humans, through to first applications in farmed and aquatic species.  The potential of single cell transcriptomics to advance applied aquaculture research will be explored.

A final programme including talk titles will be shared with registered participants in late May.

This Webinar is supported by the University of Edinburgh’s Data-Driven innovation Initiative ‘Building Back Better’ open funding call, helping to transform the City region into the data capital of Europe.

Meeting organisers:

Dan MacQueen

Richard Taylor

Rose Ruiz Daniels


  • Dr Ana Cvejic, University of Cambridge, Wellcome Trust – MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, UK
  • Naomi Croft Guslund, Centre for Ecology and Evolutionary Synthesis, Oslo, Norway
  • Dr Alex West, The University of Tromsø, Norway
  • Dr Rose Ruiz Daniels, Dr Adam Balic and Prof. Dan Macqueen, The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK