Gene Regulatory Networks

12 April, 2023 - 14 April, 2023

St Catherine's College, Oxford, UK

General Information

To achieve a holistic understanding of highly complex biological systems, it is critical to understand the underlying Gene Regulatory Networks (GRNs). Today, more than 50 years after Eric Davidson’s original formulation of gene regulatory circuits that control developmental processes, the concept of GRNs has been universally adopted in biology.  Indeed, it is clear that GRNs underlie not only developmental programmes but also yield cellular diversity and provide modules for evolutionary elaboration.

Reconstructing and testing interactions within Gene Regulatory Networks enables the discovery of emerging properties of complex biological processes in a manner not previously possible using individual gene perturbations. By deciphering GRNs using systems-level approaches combined with studies of mechanistic detail, investigators can tackle complex biological systems in their entirety and thus capture the ‘big picture’.

This meeting offers a unique opportunity to discuss the implications of GRNs across disciplines and biological contexts, ranging from development to disease, stem cells, regeneration and evolution. The conference will bring together experts with both biological and quantitative backgrounds to cross-fertilise and formulate interdisciplinary ways to model and study complex Gene Regulatory Networks across different organisms and cell types.

Conference dates: 12th – 14th April, 2023

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Session themes:

  • Gene regulatory networks in development
  • Tools, computation and modelling
  • Gene regulatory networks in stem cells, regeneration and disease
  • Evolution of Gene regulatory networks


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Meeting organisers:

Stefan Hoppler
Tatjana Sauka-Spengler
Paola Oliveri
Roberto Fueda


Ellen Rothenberg
Mansi Srvristava
Nancy Papalopulu
Jasmin Fisher
Marieke Kuijjer
Stein Aerts
Sarah Jane Dunn
James Briscoe
Ken Cho
Benoit Bruneau
Alistair McGregor
Veronica Hinmann
Mike Levine
Marianne Bronner