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Microscopic image of an Archaea microorganisms
Archaea group

General Information

The archaeal community in the UK has been served by the ‘Annual UK Workshop on Archaea’ since 2002.

It is generously supported by the Genetics Society and is the annual meeting of the Archaeal Sectional Interest Group of the Genetics Society.

The UK Archaea Workshop is held at a different venue each year, most recently held at Lancaster University.

The same format has been maintained over the years: an afternoon of talks by PhD students and young postdocs, a poster session with drinks, a conference dinner, and a morning of talks (again by PhD students and postdocs).

Pioneering work will be discussed in the disciplines of microbiology, ecology and evolutionary biology, genetics, biochemistry and structural biology in the context of thermophiles, halophiles and methanogens.

We encourage talks from PhD students, postdocs and early career researchers and PIs new to the field.

It’s a great chance to catch up with colleagues and present your work in an informal, short format meeting.

Meeting organisers:

Malcolm White  and Thorsten Allers.