JBS Haldane Lecture 2021 – Prof Matthew Cobb

The Genetics Society is delighted to announce Professor Matthew Cobb as the winner of the 2021 JBS Haldane Lecture.

Matthew Cobb is Professor of Zoology at the University of Manchester where his research focuses on the sense of smell, insect behaviour and the history of science.  He has also written several books, including The Egg & Sperm Race and is regularly featured in articles in The Guardian and New Scientist.  Matthew can also be frequently heard on BBC radio programmes commenting on genetics, smell, aliens, and joining in the fun that is “The Infinite Monkey Cage”.

On being informed of the award, Matthew said:

“I am so pleased to receive the Haldane Award – it is a great honour. Haldane was one of the most extraordinary scientists of the 20th century, so to get an award in his name is doubly pleasing.  My thanks go to the Genetics Society for their generosity and I am looking forward to giving my Haldane Lecture, probably on the topic of the book I am writing at the moment – the social history of genetic engineering.”

We hope that Matthew will be able to present his lecture at the Royal Institution, in November 2021.