GenSoc Logo usage

UK Charity Law requires that all charities ensure that documents issued, or signed by, or on behalf of a charity contain certain information. Third parties issuing documents that include the Genetics Society logo must include the following wording:

 The Genetics Society is Registered Charity No: 261062/SC038492

 Organisations and individuals operating outside of The Genetics Society must receive written permission by letter or email from The Society ( before using the logo.

We request that you:

  1. Do not recolour;
  2. Do not use in a reduced opacity;
  3. Do not distort;
  4. Do not overlay on fussy backgrounds;
  5. Do not apply shadows or effects;
  6. Do not use within holding boxes;
  7. Do not modify, resample or recreate the logo.

 The two versions of the logo (one each for dark or light background use) are available as portable network graphics (PNG) files on request from