Genetics Unzipped Podcast is launched! – episode 1

The Genetics Society is delighted to announce the launch of it’s brand new dedicated podcast, “Genetics Unzipped”.

Presented by award-winning science writer and former Naked Genetics podcast host Dr Kat Arney and produced by First Create The Media, Genetics Unzipped will bring you a wide range of stories from the world of genetics, genomics and DNA.  You can expect to hear interviews with experts from around the world, all the latest science news, and a special centenary series celebrating 100 ideas in genetics.

Our series starts with episode 1, a behind-the-scenes peek at the 2018 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, presented by Professors Alice Roberts and Aoife McLysaght in partnership with the Genetics Society.  A teaser to the first episode is available from the Genetics Unzipped website, and is also available from iTunes.  Additionally, Genetics Unzipped will be appearing on many other podcast platforms over the next week or two.

Genetics Unzipped will be aired fortnightly, interspersing fascinating interviews relating to all kinds of genetics topics from experts in their fields, the latest genetics news, in depth features, and a few surprises, with a special centenary series celebrating 100 years in genetics.

We hope that you will tune in regularly to benefit from Kat’s skills in bringing the most interesting genetics subjects and some fun stuff directly to your headphones.  We can’t wait!