Fisher Centenary talks

2018 saw the Centenary of the landmark paper by R.A. Fisher – “The correlation between relatives on the Supposition of Mendelian Inheritance”, – more usually referred to as “The 1918 paper”.

The Genetics Society co-sponsored a celebratory meeting, held in Edinburgh, November 2018.

A full meeting report, written by 2015/16 Sir Kenneth Mather prizewinner Jessica King is available to download.

The lectures are now available to view:

Nick Barton – The infinitesimal model.

Sharon Browning – Identity by Descent and the Correlation Between Distant Relatives.

Ed Buckler – How to get to plant breeding 4.0, given that Fisher was right?

Heather Cordell – Regional IBD analysis (RIA): linkage analysis in extended pedigrees using genome-wide SNP data

Josselin Clo – How does selfing affect the genetic variance of quantitative traits? An updated meta-analysis on empirical results in angiosperm species.

Daniel Crouch – The genetics of the human face.

Michael Goddard – The Fisher Memorial lecture – Genetic architecture of complex traits. Quantitative genetics 100 years after Fisher (1918).

Jarrod Hadfield – Hamilton’s rule in multiple dimensions.

Chandana Basu Mallick – Making sense of GWAS:understanding the genetic basis of human hair shape using mouse models.

Richard Mott – Structural variants as quantitative traits.

Josephine Pemberton – Quantitative genetics of free-living populations: successes and challenges.

Himani Sachdeva – Introgression under the infinitesimal model with linkage.