Mary Lyon Medal 2019 – Prof Oliver Pybus

Oliver Pybus is Professor of Evolution & Infectious Disease at the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, and Professorial Fellow of New College, Oxford. His work focuses on the evolutionary and ecological dynamics of infectious disease, and on the development of phylodynamic analysis methods. An interest in biology and computing at school led him to study Genetics at the University of Nottingham, which included a research project with Bryan Clarke. Following a Masters degree, he undertook a DPhil in evolutionary biology at the University of Oxford supervised by Paul Harvey. He has continued his work on phylodynamics with the support of a Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship in Biodiversity, a Royal Society University Research Fellowship, and an ERC Consolidator Award. He was previously Tutor for Biological Sciences at New College, Oxford. Oliver was awarded the Scientific Medal of the Zoological Society of London in 2009 and the Daiwa Adrian Prize in 2010. He is the founding editor of the journal Virus Evolution, and is co-Director of the Oxford Martin School Programme on Pandemic Genomics.