Genetics Society Summer Studentship Workshop 2013

Some photos and feedback from the Genes and Development Summer Studentship Workshop 2013.

“Mixing with other young budding scientists and having to explain your work and think about other people’s was a great experience. It reinvigorated my enthusiasm for my own project and science in general. It was also good fun and the group activities worked well. Being thrown into a social context with so many new people to meet after many lonely weeks in the lab was a welcome change.  It was also a great opportunity for talking to experienced scientists in a casual setting which was valuable and interesting”.
Barney Walker

“Really enjoyable way to find out what others had been doing in Genetics over the summer, the workshop was both useful and enjoyable. Nice to have the chance to ask questions about how science, both academia and industry work, with such nice people and in such a friendly setting”. 
Catherine Mansfield 

“I really enjoyed the workshop, particularly the opportunity to hear about the projects of the other students. The chance to discuss options for the future was also valuable”. 
Annabel Sturgess 

“A very nice mix of science and teamwork activities, getting to know possible future colleagues and friends”. 
Raluca Pop 

“The workshop was a fantastic experience for me and I think I got a lot from being able to share my project with everyone and hear about all of the other great projects funded by the Genetics Society this summer”. 
Alison Bullions 

“The workshop provided a valuable opportunity for networking, meeting other like-minded students and hearing about their experiences. The activities were fun and informative and helped us to learn about research in science. The retreat in Norwich set this studentship apart from others of its kind”. 
Ellie Shercliff