UK Eye Genetics Group 2022 Annual Conference

17 June, 2022

Watershed, 1 Canons Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TX

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Deadline: 17/06/2022
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General Information

The annual conference of the UK Eye Genetics Group (UK EGG) will be held on Friday 17th June 2022 at  Watershed in the beautiful city of Bristol. The day will include sessions on clinical, molecular and population eye genetics, clinical electrophysiology, genetic case discussions, short talks and posters by early careers researchers, and talks by people affected by inherited eye disease.

Confirmed speakers include Professors Jeremy Guggenheim and Cathy Williams (myopia epidemiology and genetics), Professor Davide Pisani (comparative evolution of opsins and vision), Dr Emma Baple (community genomics research and new discoveries in eye genetics from 100,000 genomes), Jorn Lakowski (retinal organoids and gene editing to study Retinitis Pigmentosa), Dr Patrick Yu Wai Man (gene therapy trials for Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy), Dr Ruth Hamilton (President of ISCEV and Secretary of BriSEV), Dr Andy Flack (historical perceptions of visual impairment).

The keynote speaker is the internationally renowned genetic epidemiologist Professor George Davey Smith.

The meeting will be held in person and talks will also be streamed live. The meeting is held in partnership with the British Society of Clinical Electrophysiology and Vision (BriSEV).

Tickets available until the day of the conference. UK EGG members are entitled to £25 discount.

Meeting organisers:

UK EGG organising committee


Dr Emma Baple – University of Exeter

Professor Jeremy Guggenheim & Professor Cathy Williams -University of Cardiff & Bristol

Dr Patrick Yu Wai Man – University of Cambridge

Professor Dominik Fischer – Universities of Tubingen and Oxford, Oxford Eye Hospital

Professor George Davey Smith – University of Bristol

Dr Ruth Hamilton President of ISCEV and Secretary of BriSEV

Dr Andy Flack University of Bristol

Professor Davide Pisani University of Bristol

Dr Jorn Lakowski – University of Southampton