Spatial Genome Organization Conference

Melia Nassau Beach Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas
The Nucleome in Basic Biology and Disease 25 February, 2019 - 28 February, 2019

Melia Nassau Beach Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas

General Information

The conference will bring together scientists interested in better characterizing the non-random organization of the genome while also revealing how this organization is influenced by various cues or disease conditions. Currently, these topics are typically addressed in a small session of other conferences however the field of spatial genome organization has grown substantially over the past two decades warranting the creation of a dedicated and continuous conference.

Join us alongside scientific chairs Karim Mekhail (University of Toronto) and Evi Soutoglou (IGBMC) at the Melia Nassau Beach Hotel, Bahamas from the 25 – 28 February 2019.

Conference sessions will include:

  • Structure and function of subnuclear domains
  • Topogically Associated Domains (TADs) and similar domains
  • Signalling cues, cellular states and genome organization
  • DNA damage and spatial genome organization
  • Genome structure in health and disease
  • Workshop I: Genome editing and super-resolution microscopy
  • Workshop II: Chromosome conformation capture, sequencing and databases
  • Workshop III: Young scientists in the era of spatial genome organization, how to get published?

Meeting organisers:

Fusion Conferences Ltd


Karim Mekhail (University of Toronto)
Evi Soutoglou (IGBMC)

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:
Andrés Aguilera (University of Seville)
Wendy Bickmore (The University of Edinburgh)
Daniel Durocher (The Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute)
Peter Fraser (The Babraham Institute)
Tom Misteli (National Cancer Institute)

Confirmed Invited Speakers:
Irene Chiolo (University of Southern California)
Yves Barral (ETH Zurich)
Josée Dostie (McGill University)
Rajan Jain (Perelman School of Medicine)
Richard Wozniak (University of Alberta)
Christophe Zimmer (Institut Pasteur)