The genetics of mental health (webinar)

Artistic representation of mental health
28 September, 2020

General Information

The first webinar in The genetics of… series.This highly-requested webinar aims to unpack the role of genetics in mental health conditions and demonstrate how genetic studies have shed light on the range of normality in the spectrum of mental health. Talks from renowned researchers will focus on key areas such as polygenic risk scores and genetic liability to neuropsychiatric disorders.

During this webinar you will:

  • Understand the role of genetics in mental health conditions
  • Know about how scientific studies provide insight into genetic factors behind mental health conditions
  • Acknowledge how polygenic risk scores could be used to predict mental health conditions

The genetics of…… series has been developed following feedback from delegates attending the Genetics of COVID-19 webinars over the last few weeks. Presented by the Medical Genetics section of the Royal Society of Medicine, this series of talks will focus on the role of genetics in different areas of health and well-being.

To find out more and register, visit the Royal Society of Medicine website.