The 2020 Edinburgh Infectious Diseases Winter Lecture (Virtual)

The 2020 Edinburgh Infectious Diseases Winter Lecture will be presented by Dr Kenneth Baillie who will discuss how his lab diverted the bulk of their resources towards researching the genomics of Covid-19 patients.

Artistic representation of a viral cell
9 months of discovery: how we found out why people die from Covid-19 25 November, 2020


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Kenny Baillie has had a stellar career.  He graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a BSc(Hons) in Physiology in 1999 and MBChB in 2002, and then completed basic training in medicine in Glasgow, and in anesthesia in Edinburgh.  During this time he led a series of high altitude research projects in Bolivia, and founded a high-altitude research charity, Apex.

He was appointed as a clinical lecturer on the ECAT (Edinburgh Clinical Academic Track) at the University of Edinburgh in 2008, and completed a Wellcome Trust-funded PhD in statistical genetics in 2012.  He was awarded a Wellcome-Beit Prize Intermediate Clinical Fellowship in 2013.

After completing clinical training in 2014 he worked as a visiting scientist at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, before returning to the Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh to establish a research program in translational applications of genomics in critical care medicine.  He now works as a consultant in the intensive care unit at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.