Supermodel Organisms: Chemical Genetics and Synthetic Life

20 April 2012

The Royal Society, London

Science Programme Podcast with Professor John Hodgkin, winner of the 2012 Genetics Society Medal
Model organisms, particularly those that are amenable to genetic manipulation, have provided key insights into the mechanisms underlying a multitude of fundamental cellular processes. In many cases, the lessons learned from these organisms have been essential for understanding human biology and disease. With the explosion in the availability of whole genome sequences what lies ahead for these model organisms? This one-day meeting will focus on novel chemical and synthetic approaches that are being used to modify, perturb and re-engineer genetic pathways and processes, and which continue to rely on model genetic systems to dissect gene interactions and provide phenotypic readouts.

Scientific organisers:

Ian Henderson Patricia Kuwabara


Dr Tanya Whitfield (Sheffield University) Professor Sean Cutler (University of California Riverside) Professor Kevin Eggan (Harvard University) Dr Jason Chin (Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge) Professor Kristala Prather (MIT) Professor  Jane Mellor (University of Oxford) Professor Scott Waddell (University of Oxford)  


Professor Jonathan Hodgkin Oxford University The 2011 Genetics Society Medal recipient

Artistic representation of genetic variation
20 April, 2012