SEGEG 2019

Clifton suspension bridge, Bristol
24 May, 2019

Watershed, 1 Canon's Road, Bristol, BS15TX


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General Information

We know it’s a bit of a journey for some to get to Bristol, so we’ve tried to make it worth your while. Most importantly, we have a very exciting schedule!

We’ll be hosting the meeting in an independent cinema close to the train station (very comfortable for weary travelers, and hopefully a unique experience for a genetics meeting!)

There are a couple of other things happening that you could do in conjunction with your visit.  In the evening after the meeting, researchers at the IEU have collaborated with artists to host an event called ‘Creative Reactions’ – it’s close by to the SEGEG meeting venue and looks very interesting.

Also, the following morning (Saturday 25th May) we’re organising a short walk somewhere around Bristol – hopefully a nice way to get to know fellow researchers a little better. Just sign up on the SEGEG eventbrite page if you’re interested in joining us.

There are still a few places left so please do sign up quickly if you have plans to attend – this will help us finalise catering etc

Looking forward to welcoming you to Bristol!

Best wishes

Gib and George

Meeting organisers:

Gibran Hemani

George Davey Smith


1.30-2.00 – Guidance for DNA methylation studies: Statistical insights from the EPIC array – Eilis Hannon (Research Fellow, University of Exeter)
2.00-2.30 – A systematic classification of heritable risk factors influencing common diseases – Adrian Cortes (Postdoctoral scientist, University of Oxford)
2.30-3.15 – Break
3.15-3.45 – Intergenerational confounding, Mendelian randomization, within-family studies and plans for extending UK Biobank – Neil Davies (Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol)
3.45-4.15 – Disentangling nature and nurture using genomic family data – Alex Young (Post doctoral researcher, University of Oxford)
4.15-4.45 – The data ecosystem for GWAS and other genomics studies – Helen Parkinson (Head of Molecular Archival Resources at EMBL-EBI)
5.00-onwards – Pub