Scottish DNA replication network

Artistic representation of a DNA double helix
30 May, 2018

Medical & Biological Sciences Building, University of St Andrews

General Information

We are pleased to announce the inaugural meeting of the newly formed Scottish DNA Replication Network.

Understanding the molecular basis of chromosomal DNA replication is key to understanding life. The Scottish DNA Replication Network is an informal grouping of nine research groups from five leading Scottish universities (Aberdeen, Dundee, St Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow) with shared interests in the molecular, cell and structural biology of eukaryotic chromosomal DNA replication and with significant experience in studying DNA replication in a wide range of experimental models using a diverse set of experimental techniques.

The first Scottish DNA Replication Network meeting is supported by the Genetics Society and by SULSA, the Scottish Universities Life Sciences Alliance, and will take place at the University of St Andrews at the end of May. The meeting will bring together group leaders, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students in a programme designed to stimulate interactions, to seed future collaborations and to offer junior scientists the opportunity to present their latest findings in a relatively informal setting.

Details on how to register to attend the meeting can be found on the network website.

Meeting organisers:

Stuart A. MacNeill, University of St Andrews.