RNA Epigenetics in human disease

Artistic representation of RNA
17 September, 2019 - 20 September, 2019

St Catharine’s College, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1RL UK

General Information

Life emerged and remains an RNA world. All types of cellular RNA undergo post-transcriptional modification either through chemical modification, base-editing or non-templated nucleotide additions. Recent work has demonstrated that post-transcriptional modification of the transcriptome is highly dynamic and important for normal physiology and often de-regulated in disease. Post-transcriptional modification affects utilisation, stability, structure and interactions of cellular RNA. Mutations in enzymes and proteins regulating RNA modification are mutated in many human diseases. This international conference is focused on this emerging new field of “RNA epigenetics”. We will cover all aspects of this emerging topic, from methods development to molecular mechanisms, from disease association to therapeutic starting points. This meeting will be the first of a series that we are organising to focus on this new and exciting area of science. It will be held at St Catharine’s, a historic college in the heart of the city of Cambridge.

The RNA epigenetics in human disease 2019 conference, supported by STORM Therapeutics, features an incredible line up of speakers covering aspects of RNA epigenetics: biological function, chemistry, technology development and human disease and provides an opportunity to engage with pioneers in RNA epigenetics and present your own work.

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Meeting organisers:

STORM Therapeutics – Organisers – Tony Kouzarides, Eric Miska, Keith Blundy

Contact Nicola.hardaker@hg3.co.uk with any enquiries.