Reproduction & development: reading the origin of life

Artist painting representing Reproduction and Development
Reproduction & development 12 March, 2018 - 14 March, 2018

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge

General Information

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This new conference will focus on discoveries and innovative technologies to study the origin of life, from gametes to embryo development to stem cells. The meeting will highlight the power of stem cells and mammalian models to understand human reproduction and the arising biomedical opportunities.

At an individual level, the origin and progression of mammalian development and its implications for human health concerns us all. Recent scientific and technology advances, such as single-cell methods, genome editing, stem cell techniques and visualisation tools, are offering unique opportunities to unveil the mechanisms of normal and abnormal developments. This conference will review recent findings, from how early development works to the latest advances in organoid culture, intergenerational inheritance and the creation of stem cell banks for the development of regenerative medicine. The conference will also include discussions on invasive and non-invasive techniques for both preimplantation selection and genetic diagnosis.

We encourage participation from researchers and specialists across basic biology and translational research. The programme will offer an interchange of ideas across the fields of mammalian stem cell biology, embryo development and human reproduction.

*Image credit: Sidorowicz and Zernicka-Goetz project entitled “Life”.

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