Reproducibility, Replicability and Trust in Science (Virtual Conference)

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9 September, 2020 - 11 September, 2020

Virtual Meeting

General Information

This new meeting will bring together an international audience of researchers motivated to improve the robustness of scientific research. It will also involve important stakeholder groups: data and services providers, publishers, institutions and funders that are developing policies and tools.

The overarching theme of this conference is to position the challenge of reproducibility and replicability as a behaviour-change problem that when addressed can lead to culture change within research. The programme will explore how the right incentives can drive positive behaviour, with examples presented from a variety of groups and organisations. We will also focus on the development and implementation of open science tools, which can help researchers produce transparent, trustworthy and therefore potentially better-quality scientific outputs.

The meeting will also stimulate collaboration on practical measures that can improve the quality of scientific enquiry and reporting. We will focus on the evidence base for such measures and tools, and discuss their effectiveness and impact.

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Veronique Kiermer – PLOS, USA
Maria Leptin – EMBO, Germany
Johanna McEntyre – EMBL-EBI, UK
Marcus Munafo – University of Bristol, UK
Olavo Amaral – University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Julie Beeso – Oxford PharmaGenesis, UK
Ewan Birney – EMBL-EBI, UK
Nicolas Blomberg – ELIXIR, UK
Anne-Marie Coriat – Wellcome, UK
Malcolm Macleod – University of Edinburgh, UK
Magdalena Skipper – Nature, UK