Public Engagement Masterclass (Virtual)

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19 July, 2021 - 21 July, 2021

General Information

Our Public Engagement Masterclass – now in its fifth year – supports researchers from all disciplines who want to embed public engagement as a leadership quality in their career portfolio.

For our 2021 Masterclass, we reflect on a year of significant transformation. The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives and put many issues and topics in the spotlight, including the role of science and research, how they are advanced, and shared. Misinformation has rarely been out the headlines, as people try and make sense of evidence and consensus versus conspiracy and conjecture. 2020 was also the year of Black Lives Matter, holding a mirror up to embedded prejudices and inequalities and calling for root and branch change.

Public engagement with research must reflect these big influences affecting society as well as the academic and research sectors. The weight of big global challenges is mixed with everyday concerns around balancing personal and work priorities. Online platforms have extended reach for many, while risking excluded others altogether. The rationale for why and how we build connections between research and communities has never been more important, and will underpin the narrative for our 2021 PE Masterclass.

Facilitated by leading UK and European engagement specialists, our virtual course will feature a mix of expert insights, inspirational case studies, practical sessions and bespoke support for every delegate to craft a personalised public engagement plan.

The programme is very participatory, and will help delegates consider their own context for public engagement with research, encouraging reflection, building knowledge and sharing tools for making tangible interventions in public and institutional settings. A focus will be on methods and enablers to bring high-quality public engagement to the heart of a successful research leader.

For more information and to register, visit the event webpage.

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