Psychiatric Genetics: Pathways and Prospects

Mental illness represents a major problem for affected individuals, for their loved ones, and for society at large. Many mental disorders have a substantial genetic component, but until recently very little consistent data existed regarding the underpinnings of these complex and multifactorial conditions. As more and more robust genetic risk variants are identified, we are now beginning to understand the physiological mechanisms that go awry in psychiatric disorders, and therefore how we might treat them more effectively. Now is an opportune time to reflect on recent successes within the field of psychiatric genetics, to delineate ways to move forward, and to consider the impact of the discipline across many diverse sectors of society. Speakers Professor Michael Owen, Cardiff University Professor Cathryn Lewis, Institute of Psychiatry Professor J. David Sweatt, University of Alabama Professor Marcus Munafo, University of Bristol Professor Ricardo Dolmetsch, Stanford University Professor Henrik Walter, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin Prof Ilina Singh Institute of Psychiatry, KCL, London Professor Hank Greely, Stanford University Scientific Organisers Dr William Davies Dr Ian Jones Dr Jamie Lewis

4 April, 2014