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Population Genetics Group 4 January, 2021 - 6 January, 2021

University of Liverpool


Deadline: 14/12/2020
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General Information

The 54th Popogroup, Popgroup 2021 will be hosted by Liverpool University and held on a sofa near you!

Important dates.

Cost to attend is £50, please register by 14th December.

If you would like to present, please register then complete the form by 7th December.

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The Population Genetics Group (Popgroup) meets annually and is hosted at alternating locations throughout the UK.  The meeting name was established in the 1960s, but today’s topics include most areas of evolutionary genetics and genomics.  The Previous Meetings page gives information about common topics.


Most recent meetings:

The 53rd meeting was held at University of Leicester from 5-8 January 2020, organised by Robert Hammond

The 52nd meeting was held at Oxford Brookes University from 3-6 January 2019, organised by Ravinder Kanda

Listen to the Heredity Podcast featuring Popgroup 52

The 51st meeting of the Population Genetics Group was held at Bristol from 3-6 January 2018 was organised by Jon Bridle

Deadline for submissions: 7th December

Meeting organisers:

Professor Andrea Betancourt

Stuart Wigby

Robert Fitt

Diana Carolina Erazo Quintero

Vicencio Oostra

Evelyn Taylor-Cox

Professor Ilik Saccherir

James Hall

Sam Whiteford

Matthew Kelbrick


Plenary speakers