Omics approaches to Ecophysiology

29 June, 2021 - 2 July, 2021

Antwerp, Belgium


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General Information

Part of the Society for Experimental Biology Annual Conference.

From phenome to genome, omics approaches are transforming our approach to biological enquiry.

This exciting session will bring together researchers applying omics approaches to addressing key questions in ecophysiology. It seeks to be broad in its scope and relevant to investigators at every career stage, working from phenotype through to molecular levels of biological organisation. This session is inclusive of a broad range of taxa from animal to plant with the unifying focus of using omic approaches to understanding physiological mechanisms.

More details to follow when they are available.

Meeting organisers:

  • Oliver Tills (Plymouth University, UK)
  • Manuela Truebano Garcia (Plymouth University, UK)
  • Anne Plessis