Monogram Network Meeting 2021 (Virtual Conference)

grains of wheat
26 April, 2021 - 30 April, 2021

Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee, 75 Old Hawkhill, Dundee, DD1 5EN

General Information

The Monogram Network consists of UK based researchers with an active interest in small grain cereal and grass (including the C4 energy grasses) research. Commercial scientists and plant breeders are active members and provide the link between Monogram science and commercial exploitation. Monogram includes both basic and more applied research and its members span disciplines including plant genetics, physiology, pathology, breeding, and bioinformatics. We also have extensive expertise in outreach activities and links with industry.

Monogram aims to promote coordination and information flow amongst the community and ensure its visibility at the national and international level, thereby strengthening UK efforts in these species. Monogram is the focal point for integration of the UK grass and cereals community and represents it at the UK Plant Sciences Federation. We also hope to integrate more closely with the wider plant sciences community and provide a link to help lower the entry barriers for new researchers in the area.

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Meeting organisers:

Monogram 21