Mitochondrial Medicine (Virtual Conference)

Artistic representation of mitochondria cells
30 November, 2020 - 2 December, 2020

General Information

Owing to the ongoing situation with covid-19, this event will be organised as a virtual conference.

We are pleased to announce the fifth in our series of meetings on mitochondrial disorders and the search for novel effective therapies.

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Mitochondrial disorders have emerged as a major cause of inherited human disease. Although the past decade has seen major advances in our understanding of their genetic basis and the underlying pathology, these findings have yet to translate into new therapies. There is a growing appreciation that new treatments will only emerge through a concerted collaboration between clinicians, laboratory scientists and the life sciences industry, based on a firm understanding of the disease mechanisms.

This conference will build new partnerships that harness our understanding of the disease mechanisms, accelerating the pace of effective treatments for mitochondrial diseases. This year’s meeting will include pre-clinical models for mitochondrial disease, an update on current clinical trials, a discussion on the importance on informatics and data sharing for precision medicine and regulatory guidance from a range of international agencies.

We will bring together leaders in the field of translational mitochondrial medicine, with a programme designed to engage and inspire the next generation of mitochondrial researchers. The meeting attracts international participants interested in mitochondrial diseases, working in molecular genetics, biochemistry, pathology, and clinical medicine.

Topics will include:

  • Mitochondrial medicine – pharma and funding perspectives
  • Pre-clinical mitochondrial disease models
  • Clinical trials
  • Informatics and data sharing to support precision medicine
  • Regulatory guidance for therapeutic development

Contact with any enquiries.