Mitochondrial Medicine – Therapeutic Development

Mitochondrial Medicine - Therapeutic Development 21 November, 2022 - 23 November, 2022

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, CB10 1RQ, UK – and virtual

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Deadline: 25/10/2022
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General Information

This conference will be a hybrid meeting – with onsite or virtual attendance.

27 September 2022 (abstract deadline)

25 October 2022 (in person registration deadline)

14 November 2022 (virtual registration deadline)

Programme committee
Marni Falk – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA
Rita Horvath – University of Cambridge, UK
Michelangelo Mancuso – University of Pisa, Italy
Mitochondrial disorders have emerged as a major cause of inherited human disease. There is a growing appreciation that new treatments will emerge through collaborations between clinicians, laboratory scientists and the life sciences industry, based on a firm understanding of the disease mechanisms. This conference aims to bring these groups together.
The conference will build new partnerships that harness our understanding of the disease mechanisms, accelerating the pace of effective treatments for mitochondrial diseases. This year’s meeting will include discussions to improve clinical trial readiness, an update on data analysis for multi-omic studies, the role of mitochondria in cancer, and we will explore the links between disease phenotypes and treatments. We will also focus on how patients can be at the heart of clinical trials.
We will bring together leaders in the field of translational mitochondrial medicine, with a programme designed to engage and inspire the next generation of mitochondrial researchers. The meeting attracts international participants interested in mitochondrial diseases, working in genomics, biochemistry, pathology and clinical medicine.
Topics will include:
• Bridging academia and industry
• Clinical trials readiness
• Therapeutic development for mitochondrial disease
• Mutliomics data analytics
• Exploring phenotypes and treatments
• The role of mitochondria in cancer
• Putting patients at the heart of clinical trials – panel discussion

Deadline for submissions: 27 September 2022 (abstract deadline)

Meeting organisers:

Wellcome Connecting Science



Keynote speaker

Carsten Bönnemann – National Institutes of Health, USA


Confirmed speakers

Kym Boycott – University of Ottawa,  Canada

Marni Falk – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA

Fang Fang – National Center for Children’s Health, China

Laura Greaves – Newcastle University, UK

Thomas Klopstock – University of Munich,  Germany

Nils-Goran Larsson –  Karolinska Institute,  Sweden

Michal Minczuk – University of Cambridge,  UK

Holger Prokisch – Technical University Munich, Germany

Anu Suomalainen – University of Helsinki,  Finland

Zarazuela Zolkiplo-Cunningham – The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia,  USA