MASAMB Workshop on Mathematical and Statistical Aspects of Molecular Biology — “30 years edition”

25 April, 2019 - 26 April, 2019

EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambs CB10 1SD

General Information

Bioinformatics and statistical genetics, twin themes of the long-running series of annual MASAMB meetings, have gained huge impetus from large-scale genome sequencing projects and development of high-throughput biological assay systems, including gene-expression, proteomic, metabolomic and single-cell genomics technologies. These immense data resources, and the underlying complexities of molecular and cell biology, provide exciting research opportunities for numerate scientists.

With typically around 80-120 participants from mathematics, statistics, computer science, bioinformatics, biology and related fields, the MASAMB meetings provide an intimate setting for exchanging ideas in methodological and applied research. Research students and scientists newly entering the field of genomic research are particularly welcome and encouraged to submit abstracts. Details of previous meetings are available at the MASAMB archive at

Deadline for submissions: 1st March 2019

Meeting organisers:

Nick Goldman, Gos Micklem & Nicola De Maio

Enquiries to: