Introduction To Linux For Genomics (Virtual Course)

1 November, 2021 - 2 October, 2021

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General Information

Genomic studies produce vast amounts of data, usually in the form of very large text files.  Linux is particularly suited to working with such files, and is therefore arguably one of the most important tools in a bioinformatician’s toolkit.  The Linux command-line enables one to view, filter and manipulate large text files that are difficult or impossible to handle with applications like Word or Excel, write pipelines to perform certain tasks, and run bioinformatics software for which no web interface is available.  In this workshop we will first cover the most used Linux commands, followed by a short introduction to several popular command-line tools that were especially developed for genomics as well as file formats commonly used in genomics (BED, FASTA, FASTQ, GFF/GTF, SAM/BAM, VCF).

Meeting organisers:

Edinburgh Genomics at the University of Edinburgh.


Instructors: Tim Booth and Nathan Medd.