Genomics for Health and Society

19 April 2013

The Royal Society, London

Science Programme Podcast with Mark Henderson, winner of the first JBS Haldane Medal Podcast with Prof Sir Alec Jeffereys, winner of the 2013 Genetics Society Medal Podcast with Prof Sir John Burn Podcast with organiser Matt Hurles Gallery
A joint meeting held by the Genetics Society and BSHG
Genomics promises to revolutionize medicine and health care, with the potential for highly personalised treatments for the very first time. This meeting will focus on these and related issues, with presentations on clinical and societal issues that arise from these new horizons.
This meeting is jointly organised by the Genetics Society and the British Society of Human Genetics, and brings together experts in diverse domains, from DNA fingerprinting to consumer genomics, from genealogy to genomic medicine, from the legal implications of genomics to the therapeutic opportunities. Speakers Kate Bushby University of Newcastle Sir John Burn University of Newcastle Jim Lupski Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Mark Henderson Head of Communications, Wellcome Trust Jane Kaye University of Oxford Mark Jobling University of Leicester Sir Alec Jeffreys University of Leicester Scientific Organisers Matt Hurles Chris Ponting Bill Newman

Artistic representation of genomics
19 April, 2013