Genomics and Clinical Microbiology

23 January, 2022 - 28 January, 2022

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton

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Deadline: 28/10/2021
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(The current plan is to run a face to face course but this will be reviewed prior to selection of participants taking into consideration any Covid pandemic restrictions. A virtual course could be offered as an alternative.)

The future of microbiological diagnostics and infection epidemiology is increasingly centred on rapid and point of care molecular testing, including the application of nucleotide sequencing technologies.  Consequently, practitioners in clinical microbiology and related areas must process and interpret molecular data that are very different from the information generated by familiar culture-based and serological microbiology techniques.   The importance of these technologies was dramatically highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To demystify this crucial, exciting, and expanding area, the Genomics and Clinical Microbiology Advanced Course, presented by leaders in the field, combines hands-on laboratory and bioinformatics work, faculty lectures, and small-group discussions.  The course aims to equip consultants, clinical scientists, and specialist registrars, in infection disciplines with sufficient understanding of these areas to meet these challenges.  There is an emphasis on the application of molecular and genomic techniques that are currently being implemented, but the course also explores approaches that are likely to enter practice in the near future.  Employing a range of practical approaches, the course programme includes: sample collection and preparation; characterization of isolates with a variety of molecular techniques; and data interpretation and dissemination and monitoring treatment response.

The practical part of the course provides laboratory and computer data analysis sessions that examine the application of molecular, specifically genomic, techniques to clinical practice.  Learning is centred on three clinical scenarios that exemplify different challenges and solutions:

  • tuberculosis;
  • healthcare associated infections; and
  • encapsulated bacteria.

Different methods and approaches will be demonstrated for each of these clinical areas.  Participants will generate their own data and analyse it on the course to make public health, clinical and infection control decisions.

CPD accreditation is sought annually for this course from the Royal College of Pathologists.

Meeting organisers:

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Course instructors: Martin Maiden (University of Oxford, UK), Stephen Gillespie (University of St Andrews, UK), Katarina Oravcova (University of Glasgow, UK) and Charlene Rodrigues (University of Oxford, UK).