Exploring Human Host-Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease

Exploring Human Host-Microbiome Interactions in Health and Disease
5 December, 2018 - 7 December, 2018

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1RQ, UK

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General Information

This meeting will update current knowledge of how various microbiomes (oral, gut, lung, non-bacterial etc.) communicate with the host and the factors that influence these interactions. The programme will discuss the new developments enabled by metagenomics, metabolomics and other technologies. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in discussions on how to apply recent discoveries to disease processes, health restoration and maintenance.

This year’s meeting will also include sessions on the gut-brain access and the influence of the microbiome on cancer. As in previous years, the warm welcome given to students and the open friendly atmosphere provide attendees with an enjoyable conference.

We welcome abstracts from all areas relevant to the main themes of the meeting, for both oral and poster presentations. Several oral presentations will be chosen from the abstracts submitted.

Deadline for submissions: 4th September

Meeting organisers:

Keynote speakers
John Cryan
University College Cork, Ireland
Jack Gilbert
University of Chicago, USA
Julie Segre
National Institutes of Health, USA

Confirmed speakers
Frida Hallenius Lund University, Sweden
Rochellys Heijtz
Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Lesley Hoyles
Imperial College London, UK
Susan Joyce APC Microbiome, Ireland
James Kinross
Imperial College London, UK
Sarah Lebeer
University of Antwerp, Belgium
Arthur Liesz
Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany
Debbie Shawcross
King’s College London, UK
Claire Steves
King’s College London, UK
Nasso Typas
EMBL Heidleberg, Germany
Paul Wilmes
University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Moran Yassour
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Laurence Zitvogel
INSERM, France