Evolution, Pathogens and Public Health

artistic image of viruses for the meeting on “Evolution, Pathogens and Public Health”
18 October, 2023

University of Glasgow


Deadline: 25/09/2023
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General Information

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the uptake of genomics and bioinformatics in public health institutions globally. A transfer of genomic and bioinformatic expertise from academic research to routine public health practice has taken place. It is important to continue supporting global public health institutions and to maintain the collaborations that formed during the pandemic research response.

We are organising a meeting on “Evolution, Pathogens and Public Health” with the ambition for a network that will continue to share know-how and thus bridge the gap between academic research in bioinformatics and genomics and the practices necessary for operationalising genomics and bioinformatics in public health settings. This network will reinforce the end-to-end capacities from sample collection, diagnostics, data sharing and analysis by bringing together researchers and public health scientists involved at different stages of the process of genomic surveillance.

We invite submissions of interest for talks and posters on lessons learnt from applications of genomic surveillance for different use cases including new and emerging pathogen response, acute outbreak management, management of epidemic-prone or seasonal pathogens, pathogens with continuing public health risks, evolution of resistance, and disease eradication.

The meeting is free but limited to 50 participants, thus priority will be given to individuals who have submitted a talk or poster abstract.

Please register and submit your abstract before Monday 25th of September: https://forms.office.com/e/SrJ79bXBf6

We encourage early career researchers to apply and are committed to supporting and promoting equality and diversity. If you have caring responsibilities, the Genetics Society can help with a £60 award which can be used in a way that best supports your attendance (please contact joseph.hughes@glasgow.ac.uk for further details).

Meeting organisers:

Sharif Shaaban, Public Health Scotland

Jordan Ashworth, Public Health Scotland

Joseph Hughes, MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research