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Royal Society of Medicine 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE 10 June, 2019


Deadline: 09/06/2019
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General Information

This conference will provide detailed updates in the exciting field of Epigenetics, focusing on how chemical modifications to our DNA can shape our health from conception to old age from one generation to the next. Epigenetics is emerging as a key player in medicine.

The topics discussed will provide an unparalleled opportunity for those wishing to learn more about the fascinating world of epigenetics with an exciting and engaging overview of its past, present and potential future impact upon our understanding of health and disease.

Common unexplained questions such as; how does nature compete with nurture? Why aren’t identical twins actually identical? What elements in our epigenomes affect the health of our children? Can a better understanding of this fascinating field provide those missing parts of the aetiology puzzle? Will be explored and discussed.

Leading experts in the field of epigenetic research will present, discuss, debate and answer questions on its increasing relevance within a diverse range of clinical disciplines, as well as sharing their inspirational work that has granted them international renown.

Topics include:

  • Understanding epigenetics and the role of chemical modifications to DNA in shaping health and disease
  • Exploring our increasing appreciation of the impact of epigenetics upon a diverse range of biological processes and diseases, from cancer to mental health
  • Recognising the increasing importance of developing an understanding of epigenetics in clinical practice
  • Discussing the role of epigenetics in developmental programming and the bridge between nature and nurture

Whether possessed of an existing clinical or research interest in epigenetics or completely new to the subject, all are welcome at this event.


Professor Wolf Reik

Professor Stephan Beck

Professor Sir Adrian Bird

Dr Nessa Carey