EMBL-EBI virtual course | Single-cell RNA-seq analysis using Galaxy

EMBL-EBI virtual course | Single-cell RNA-seq analysis using Galaxy 6 February, 2023 - 10 February, 2023


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Deadline: 27/11/2022
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General Information

This course utilises Galaxy pipelines, an online open-access resource that allows even the most computer-phobic bench scientists to analyse their biological data. Participants will be guided through the droplet-based scRNA-seq analysis pipelines from raw reads to trajectories.

Please note that although participants will not be able to use their own data during the course practicals, there will be ample time to discuss their research and ideas with both course participants and trainers.  As part of this, participants will present posters on their research topics.

This course is aimed at researchers with little-to-no experience in big data analysis who are generating, planning on generating, or working with single-cell RNA sequencing data.
Participants may also be asked to do brief coding in R or Python. Please ensure that you complete this free tutorial before you attend the course:

There are other tutorials here, although they are not required: https://galaxyproject.org/learn/ 

Deadline for submissions: 27th November 2022

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Wendi Bacon, The Open University

Nancy George, EMBL-EBI

Silvie Korena Fexova, EMBL-EBI

Mehmet Tekman, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Iris Diana Yu, EMBL-EBI