EMBL-EBI virtual course | Exploring human genetic variation

EMBL-EBI virtual course | Exploring human genetic variation 21 March, 2023 - 30 March, 2023


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Deadline: 02/12/2022
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Do you want to learn more about genetic variation? Are you aware of the resources available for finding, viewing, and exploring variant data? Are you trying to link variant data to phenotypes?

This non-consecutive, four-day workshop will demonstrate resources and bioinformatics tools available at EMBL-EBI and the Wellcome Sanger Institute that will aid understanding of human genetic variation.

During the first three days, you will learn how to browse, retrieve, and use human genetic variation data via talks, demos, and tutorials. You will then be provided with exercises to work through the resources on your own with remote trainer support available if needed and provided space to meet other participants if you wish to do so. We will meet again on 30 March for a Q&A session and discussion about any questions or issues that occurred while working on the materials provided.

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Dayane Rodrigues Araujo, EMBL-EBI