Eighth European Course in Clinical Dysmorphology and Eurodysmoclub

2 April, 2020 - 4 April, 2020

Università Campus Bio-Medico, Via Alvaro del Portillo 21 – 00128, Rome, Italy

General Information

The Eighth European Course in Clinical Dysmorphology & Eurodysmoclub are back-to-back events.

The Course What I Know Best aims to give participants upgrades & overviews (genetic basis, diagnostic criteria, guide lines & info about natural history) about some rare genetic diseases, selected by the scientific committee, recently identified conditions included, consisting of intellectual disabilities, epileptic encephalopathies and neuropsychiatric disorders. The Eurodysmoclub represents a unique opportunity to bring to the attention of worldwide experts the discussion about scientifically interesting clinical case.

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Meeting organisers:

Fiorella Gurrieri, Karen Gripp, Tijtske Kleefstra, Anita Rauch


  • Alain Verloes
  • Kerstin Kutsche
  • Christian Schaaf
  • Karen Gripp
  • Marcella Zollino
  • Tjitske Kleefstra
  • David Skuse
  • Marjanne vd Bree
  • Yuri Zarate
  • Karen Low
  • Elliot Sherr
  • Martin Zenker
  • Karin Writzl
  • Kristiina Avela
  • Karin Weiss
  • Jeanne Amiel