Curating the Clinical Genome

A jigsaw puzzle representing the double helix
23 May, 2018 - 25 May, 2018

Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge

Abstract Submission

27th March

General Information

Deadlines: Early bird discount 27 Feb | Bursary 13 Mar

We are pleased to announce the 3rd Curating the Clinical Genome meeting. This conference will bring together the clinical genomics community to discuss best practices for the clinical use of genomic data, including interpretation and clinical utility, and the consensus generation of curated knowledge. This is latest in the series of meetings on this topic, which have been spearheaded by the ClinGen and DECIPHER consortia.

The programme will be of interest to a wide group of clinicians and clinical scientists practising genomic medicine, medical genomics researchers, companies developing solutions for clinical genomics and groups interested in genomic data sharing.

The sharing of genetic data from clinical diagnostic testing and the generation of consensus curated knowledge is vital for delivering on the promise of genomic medicine. The growing recognition of the power of global data sharing has led to major initiatives being established, typically on a national or regional scale. This focus of this meeting is to bring together these initiatives, to develop common standards, share best practices, integrate the latest research findings and drive patient benefit.

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