CRISPR-Cas: From Microbiology to Biomedicine

2 November, 2021 - 4 November, 2021

Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA)

General Information

Biomedicine is a prime concern at the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA). In this context, the University continues in 2021 the programme “Current Trends in Biomedicine”, started in 2004.

The purpose of these workshops is to promote and improve international cooperation and scientific exchanges on the Biomedicine field, thus promoting and facilitating scientific interaction, specially between Andalusian researchers and the international scientific community.

The conferences will be held over a three day period at UNIA’s head office, Sede Antonio Machado, in Baeza (Andalusia, Spain) and the working language will be English. Sede Antonio Machado is in Plaza Santa María, in the historic city centre, facing the Cathedral. The head office has all the facilities required to host this series of workshops: computer room, library, class-rooms, and meeting rooms. It also has a hall of residence where those attending the conferences will be accommodated. Thus, social interaction and informal discussions will be facilitated.

Sede Antonio Machado offers the added advantage of being in the World Heritage city of Baeza (pop.:17,000).

The guest speakers are highly prestigious researchers with broad experience in the field concerned.

Attendance is restricted to 35 people, to complete a group of around 50, including the guest speakers. A certain number of places will be reserved for doctoral students and young PhDs. Participants are encouraged to exhibit a poster to communicate their outcomes. The organizers will select some of the submitted poster abstracts, so that their authors can present, in addition to the poster, a short talk (15-20 min.).

Applicants submitting a poster abstract will have preference in the selection procedure (if necessary), and participants without presenting a poster will be accepted only in case of available participation places when the application period is over.

For more information and to register, visit the event webpage.