COVID-19: Evidence and limitations of genetics in relation to BAME groups (Webinar)

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24 August, 2020

General Information

This webinar from the Royal Society of Medicine joins lead researchers for a discussion about the possible evidence and limitations of genetics in relation to the increased burden of COVID-19 in black, Asian and ethnic minority groups.

We will hear from three different perspectives within the genetic field on the topic. They will be analysing what evidence there is towards the argument that genetics plays a role in COVID-19 and on what basis these have been founded. This webinar will also address the systemic inequalities faced by BAME communities which contributes to the huge disparity in COVID-19 sufferers, and that seeking answers from the genetic code should not detract from the wider issues of inequality and racism.

Webinar aims include:

  • Explore any potential role of genetic factors in the higher risk of COVID-19 for BAME people
  • Address the limitations in current knowledge of addressing these differences within genetics
  • Recognise and improve awareness of other important socio-economic factors which disproportionately effect BAME communities.

Join us for three 15 minute talks from Dr Sonya Abraham, consultant research physician in Rheumatology and General Medicine, Professor Guruprasad Aithal, Deputy Director and Theme Lead, NIHR Nottingham BRC and Dr Winston Morgan, Reader in Toxicology and Clinical Biochemistry.

Visit the webinar webpage for more information.